Treasure Maps and Treasure Chests

Treasure Maps and Treasure Chests can be obtained by defeating enemies in battle and by completing Quests. More powerful enemies (e.g. Leaders and Deities) have guaranteed maps and/or chest drops!

Treasure Maps

  • Obtained by defeating enemy NPC squads, the Player Market, and Treasure Chests
  • Activated from your Item Inventory (My Items -> Map -> Gear Icon -> Use Treasure Map)
  • When Activated:
    • The map provides the user with general directions to a Treasure Chest's location (e.g. Northwest Frostmule).
    • The map broadcasts a location rumor to all players on the server after a set amount of time:
      • Uncommon (R2):  20 Minutes
      • Rare (R3):  8 Minutes
      • Heroic (R4):  5 Minutes
      • Legendary (R5):  2 Minutes
      • Ultimate (R6):  30 Seconds
  • An Activated Map will remain in your Item Inventory and be marked with an "*" until the Treasure Chest is found
    • Tip: This means others can see you have an unfound Treasure Chest!
  • It is possible someone else can find your Treasure! It is also possible you can steal someone else's treasure!
  • Once you're in the proper Map and region, you can Search for the Treasure Chest by selecting your Squad and choosing "Search" or using the "V" hotkey if on the desktop client.
  • Finding a Treasure Chest is a mini-game of "Hot and Cold" and you will receive several messages while searching:
    • No Message - You are on a map with an active Treasure Hunt, but not near the treasure. Move four tiles (or more) and search again.
    • "The search found nothing, however something is in this area" - You are within three connected tiles of the treasure. Move three tiles and search again.
    • "The search found nothing, however something is nearby!" -  You are within two connected tiles of the treasure. Move two tiles and search again.
    • "The search found nothing, however something is very close!" -  The treasure is touching your current tile! Move one tile and search again.
  • Additional Tips:
    • You can use multiple Squads to search more efficiently, but the "Hot and Cold" messages might get a bit confusing, so pace yourself.
    • Depending on the Map's layout, finding a Treasure Chest might take some time, or it could be discovered very quickly.
    • Learning the locations of the maps and exploring them will help you out quite a bit. 
    • Maps without Quick Travel points can often be reached by different paths from other maps, some more efficient than others!
  • Treasure Maps will (almost) always direct you to game Maps of the same level.
  • Note: Treasure Maps need to be re-used after a server reset! Associated chests cannot be found until this is done.

Treasure Chests

  • Obtained by defeating enemy squads and by following Treasure Map hints and rumors
  • Opened from your Item Inventory (My Items -> Chest -> Gear -> Open Treasure)
  • Will reward you with a random number of silvers and an item of the same rarity and level as the chest
  • Can be bought and sold on the Market

Treasure Hunts - Unearthing Treasures and Fighters

Even without a Treasure Map you have the possibility to find great treasure! Simply by searching random tiles within Game Maps and Dungeons, you can unearth hidden items, rare fighters, or rare Hardcore fighters.

You cannot unearth a random treasure or fighter on a Game Map with an active Treasure Map. Therefore, if your "search" results in no message, you are on a map with an active Treasure Map. Start searching using the "Treasure Maps" information above!

On maps without an active Treasure Map, you will receive various messages:

  • "The search found nothing -- This entire area seems to be empty" - This means there soon could be a new hidden treasure within the current 16x16-tiled map! Multiple searches may be fruitful, or you may be wasting your time.
  • "The search found nothing -- This spot is not good for Treasure hunting." - Previously reserved for "non-PVP maps" where you could not unearth random treasure, this message now means there is no possibility that this tile will reveal a random treasure (likely you are in a blue "safe" sector or within a Guild Hall)
  • "The search found nothing -- This entire area was recently plundered." - There was recently a Treasure found in this Game Map or Dungeon.  There is no chance that a treasure will be discovered in the entire 16x16-tiled map until the (hidden and random) timer resets.