-= The Tower =-

A Dungeon Challenge


What is The Tower?

  • A mysterious tower has been discovered by Edain the Explorer! Rumor has it The Tower reaches into the clouds!
  • Early explorers of The Tower report it containing a menagerie of occupants, with each floor more challenging than the next.
  • Word has it that some old enemies have set-up shop within The Tower! Discover their secrets, and learn more about the world of Dire.
  • The boat to The Tower can be found in The Hem (Lyrae's Outskirts).

What to expect?

  • At the start of the event, expect there to be lines for fighting the NPCs that drop keys (sorry)
  • Dust off your Keychain, because there are a ton of keys to discover to progress through The Tower.
    • Keys can be obtained by defeating Officers, Leaders, and Deities
    • Once you have found a key, you must add it to your keychain for it to work (Key->Gear->Add to Keychain).
    • Once added to your Keychain, all keys are permanent (an option to remove old keys will be added later).
    • Keys from Officers are tradable, but keys from Leaders and Deities are not.
  • It's up to you to figure out how to progress through The Tower. Not all Officers+ will drop keys, and not all floors will require keys.
  • Respawn points and Quick Travel locations are rare. Try not to die.
  • Floors 23+ will be quite a bit more challenging than you are used to.
  • Floors 23+ will have some awesome rewards (Coming Soon!) in addition to nice XP bonuses.
  • There are some fun titles to earn! There are some optional fights, too!
  • Currently floors 1-30 are active. Floors 31-50 will be forthcoming, as will be optional side-areas.
  • If your fighters are of higher level, you will need to use lower-level gear to move through the lower floors (sorry). Don't forget you can start a fight naked to get (level - 2) common gear.

What not to expect?

  • Don't expect us to hold your hand! The Tower is meant to be a challenge. This is especially so on higher floors.
  • If you think there is a bug, missing keys, or have feedback about the difficulty, send Amcilla an in-game mail or Contact Us using the below link. It's a big area, it's always possible we made a boo-boo.
  • Guild Hall placement is disabled.
  • There are no resource nodes or relics to be found here.
  • Treasure Maps will not lead to The Tower (but you CAN search for other treasures and fighters!)

Additional Rewards:

  • The first player(s) to defeat the 31th Floor Leader will get to work with Amcilla and Mythra to develop the 32nd Floor!
  • Tower Champions cannot design back-to-back floors (i.e. someone else has to beat your designed floor, you cannot get credit for your own level!).

The Tower Champions:

  • Floor 30: Reonhato
  • Floor 31: ????