Player vs Player

Heroes of Dire supports both Player vs Environment (PvE) and optional Player vs Player (PvP) combat.

New players start by fighting NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to find gear and level-up, but anyone can take part in PvP at any time.

Turning PvP ON gives you a bonus to all XP earned by any fighters -- Even against NPCs in PvE battles!

Use the PvP BUTTON on your SQUAD PANEL to opt-in:


With PvP ON you opt-in to the PvP system:

  • Attack other players
  • Move and harvest resources
  • Move and capture relics
  • Guard tiles to block enemies
  • Search for hidden treasure
  • Raid enemy guild halls
  • Fight in The Arena
  • Earn PvP Skull Rewards

The SQUAD SKULL ICON on top of the panel means:

  1. PvP is turned ON
  2. Squad is PvP Skull Worthy

PvP Skulls are a crafting resource used to make equipment.

PvP Skull Worthy

To take part in all PvP systems your fighters need to be PvP Skull Worthy!

Without the SQUAD SKULL ICON a squad cannot initiate attacks, harvest resources, or earn PvP Skull Rewards.

This is necessary to prevent "throw-away" squads with no gear from disrupting the PvP experience.


To make a fighter PvP Skull Worthy simply equip high-quality gear.

Fighters need a Gear Score of at least TEN (10):

  • (R1) Common items add +1
  • (R2) Uncommon items add +2
  • (R3) Rare items add +3
  • (R4) Heroic items add +4
  • (R5) Legendary items add +5
  • (R6) Ultimate items add +6

Two-handed weapon scores are doubled.

Example: A fighter with an Uncommon one-handed weapon (+2), a Rare shield (+3), a Rare armor (+3), and an Uncommon trinket (+2) has a total Gear Score of 10 and will be PvP Skull Worthy. A skull is displayed on their panel to indicate this.

The entire squad is PvP Skull Worthy only when all fighters are -- Each fighter in a squad must have a Gear Score of 10.

Note: Broken items with zero condition do not count towards the Gear Score.

The PvP Arena

You can fight in The Arena at any time -- CREATE NEW SQUAD and select The Arena quick travel destination.

The Arena requires squads to be PvP SKULL WORTHY and display the SQUAD SKULL ICON to participate.

All PvP Skull Rewards for kills are doubled in The Arena!

Killing a Hardcore Fighter or killing someone with a Hardcore Fighter earns 2 Skulls normally. This is doubled to 4 in The Arena.

There are many crafting resources scattered throughout The Arena which replenish faster than normal.

Guilds may use two guards to claim any tile in The Arena. Enemy squad movement is blocked when a guild claims connected tiles! Using this system, guilds can establish territory and control parts of The Arena to protect the valuable resources for harvesting.


Work In Progress

More information coming soon!