- Fixed: Huppo fighters using human sound effects
- Fixed: Player Heroes should be Apprentice (R2)
- Fixed: Heroes sort to bottom of fighter lists. Should be top.
- The in-game World Map (work in progress!)
- Resist penalties for non-human Heroes reduced by 50%
- Chat menu online player list
- Faster combat animation times
- Added more time to player shot clock timers
- New Potion: Transmute Fighter to Hardcore
- New Potion: Transmute Fighter to Easy Mode
- Added more low-level quests
- Increase Silvers reward for solo quests


- Fixed: Friends & online players list display correctly in chat
- Fixed: Keybind for "Move Backward" in battle
- Fixed: Transmute Fighter potion doesn't display correctly
- Fixed: Guild Hall attackers need equal squads to match guards
- Fixed: Moving cancels squad's current action
- PvP: Attacking team count must match enemy squad count (See forums)
- Spellbooks and other off-hand weapons damage increased
- Keybind for "The Market" (M)
- Keybind for "Find Players" (L)
- Mouse wheel zoom in battle
- Guild recruits cannot harvest resources in the guild hall


v1.2.1 and v1.2.2
- Hardcore fighter item theft only if enemy also has a hardcore
- Hardcore fighter item condition damage increased from death
- Daily Dungeon Master prizes! (See in-game mail for details)


- Fixed: Huppo art is defaulting to humans
- Fixed: Account Bound fighter tag not displaying
- Fixed: PvP quest wins displayed on battle report
- Fixed: Huppo fighter class type display correctly
- Keybindings Settings Menu
- Squads can destroy resources in enemy Guild Halls!
- Location rumors for rare resource types (including Guild owners)
- Holy Spellbooks heal, using the Magic stat
- New movement path visuals
- 4 new battle songs, new login screen song, and battle lost song
- All players get a special Huppo fighter! Limited time only!


- Fixed: LOW POWER MODE breaks the entire game
- Fixed: Ascended fighters level displayed correct
- Fighter Win Streak stat boost reduced
- Crafting resources can drop as loot



 Leaderboard Website: www.dire.com/armory/
- Crafting, Resource Harvesting, Guild Treasure systems
- Resource nodes replenish 4x faster in Guild Hall Vaults
- Reduced the amount of info shown for quests
- Ascend increases level-up Xp requirement by 15% per ascension
- Ascend bonus increased to +0.5 for all stats except Luck
- Guild Hall Reliquary cost reduced to 5,000,000
- Guild Hall Vault cost reduced to 50,000
- Dart, Sling, and Javelin can volley (non-archer). Damage reduced.
- Point-Blank Attack on Throwing Knife, Throwing Axe, Dart, Javelin
- Increased Critical Stun bonus on Sling
- Fighters get Win Streak stat boost (lost on death)
- Hardcore Fighters lose 10% Xp on death instead of 1 level
- Hardcore Fighters no longer receive an Xp victory bonus
- Online players prioritized to defend guild halls over offline
- NPC AI improved, but gear and bonuses reduced
- Chance to Hit target displayed over attack buttons



- Fixed: Game locks up during map loading
- Fixed: Music and ambient audio loading bugs
- Fixed: URL links in chat don't work on mobile devices
- Fixed: Splash screen glitches
- Fixed: Squad movement and follow bugs
- 25% faster battle load times
- NPC squads in other tiles join nearby battles to match team sizes
- Total Xp required to reach Level 20 decreased by 75%
- Treasure Map rumor clue delayed longer for lower rarity maps
- Squad movement and follow moved server-side (no lag)
- Double-click or right-click to move all squads together
- Fighter rarity name changed for theme (Uncommon = Apprentice, etc)
- "Ultimate" rarity color changed to white (was red)
- Warriors are immune to other warrior's taunts
- Players can re-name any squad (changes local client only)
- Change UI scale under Settings -> Graphics
- AI delays taking over in PvE battles when player disconnects



- Fixed: Expired quests show in the quest list
- Fixed: Memory leak when loading and unloading battles
- Lowered cost to unlock PvP by popular request
- Reduced quest completion requirements
- Squad movement speed decreased
- In-game web browser support on some platforms
- Heroic and above quest rewards are account bound
- Increased protection time following a battle
- Non-guild friends join battles on the same team
- Non-guild friends share vision on the world map
- Button for guild leaders to purge inactive members
- Hardcore Fighters: Primary stat bonus is +2.5 (was +5)
- Hardcore Fighters: Lose 1 level on death instead of all
- Hardcore Fighters: Lose 1 random item on death instead of all
- Hardcore Fighters: 25% victory Xp bonus (instead of double xp)
- Fighter storage max cost reduced
- Fighter and item storage max increase by +4 slots instead of +3
- Item selling fee minimum reduced to 10 Silvers (was 100)
- Hire Fighter cost reduced for normal and increased for hardcore
- Guild Halls: Barracks give +10 Member Cap (was +5, no price change)
- Guild Halls: New static corridor layout that cannot be modified
- Guild Halls: Deleting a room will refund 80% of the cost
- Guild Halls: Only Officers+ can remove relics
- Guild Halls: Any number of guards prevent relics from being stolen
- Send chat without changing channels: /world /market /guild /team
- Treasure "rumor" msg delayed, but players can still find your chest!
- Loot and special fighters can be found by searching with your squad



- Fixed: CPU use can get stuck at 100%
- Fixed: Pink missing UI textures
- Fixed: Squads not removed from multi-team battles when team loses
- Fixed: Officer kills displayed for leader quest kills
- Fixed: Quests without specific maps are limited to a min/max level
- Fixed: Some art assets were too large on mobile devices
- Messages when searching an area for hidden treasure
- Warrior Taunt no longer adds +1 to target's action time



- Fixed: Logging in one device while logged on another crashes both
- Dungeon Keys and player keychains for gated access to special areas
- Personal, Guild, and Community Quests
- Guild Hall: Can now only be guarded by guild members
- Guild Hall: Each room type has a different max allowed guards
- Guild Hall: Attackers must engage guards before attacking non-guards
- Guild Hall: Attackers must engage all guards in one battle
- Hardcore Fighters: Lose all XP on battle loss (does NOT lose Ascend)
- Hardcore Fighters: Lose all items on battle loss (looted by winners)
- Hardcore Fighters: +5 Luck and double all XP gains
- Hire Fighter rarity no longer random (always uncommon)
- Improved common and uncommon fighter base stats
- Right Click or Long Press weapon buttons to not use dual wield
- Fighter Race stat bonuses and penalties (wiki article soon)
- Rogues can walk two tiles through friends (like Archers and Healers)
- Warriors can taunt an enemy to face another direction



- Fixed: Disconnect when filtering market by magic item type
- Fixed: Recalling all squads then hitting Escape breaks the UI



- Improved chat panel interface
- Improved market For Sale and Sold messages
- Improved Search Players by Name interface
- Improved desktop / keyboard UI behavior
- Increasing item slots go up by +3 instead of +1



- Fixed: Ignore Player button works once again
- Fixed: Fighters will not counter-attack after being killed
- More XP for fighters level 3 and below
- 35% XP penalty for battle loss instead of 50%
- Reduced the difficulty of low-level minion fights
- Private messages are stored for target player when they're offline
- Can set an expiration time when sending Guild Mail
- Archers can Volley shot over any obstacle with a -35 Aim penalty
- Leader and Diety NPCs attack faster, can volley attack, but have less health
- Weapon Attack Icons float above target enemy's head
- UI indicators when your attack has a penalty (point blank shot, etc)
- Multi-player battles get bonus loot, xp, and guild silvers!



- Fixed: Memory leak crash from particle effects
- Players can send mass mails to all guild members
- New read mail and send mail dialogs
- Many UI improvements
- Changed new player starting map: Plateau of the New
- Increased zone levels on Lyrae city maps


v1.1.8 (iOS Only)

- Fixed: Portrait mode gets stuck in landscape resolution



- Fixed: Squads cannot start guard with an enemy in the room
- Guild member base cap increased to 15
- Guild member max cap increased to 65
- Haste effect from lightning magic reduced by 1 action time
- Loot from NPC Leader/Deity fights ignore dungeon level caps
- Guild notices for member PvP, relic capture and relic theft
- GUARD battle ability no longer protects against Magical attacks
- GUARD x1 and x3 changed back to WAIT x1 and x3
- Use @NAME in chat to highlight the chat line for that user
- Item unbind costs reduced and scale with item level
- Item repair costs drastically reduced by up to 80%
- Item and Fighter selling fee removed (was 100 Silvers)
- Item and Fighter post-sale fee now 1% or 100 Silvers minimum
- World movement is faster on roads, slower on water and rough terrain
- Guild leaders can set a public and private Message of the Day
- Each player's battle shot clock now 2 minutes per fighter they control
- Mailbox system: Send & receive items, Silvers, and offline msgs



- Fixed: Master of Fire rewards deliver correctly
- Fixed: Text missing from UI controls
- Repair costs reduced by up to 50% (depending on level & rarity)
- Battle Report: Display AI Mode XP Penalty
- Battle Report: Display average dice rolls
- Re-Roll Fighter Stats cost reduced to 300 Silvers (was 1000)
- Hire Fighter won't give Common Fighters anymore
- Squad Search no longer requires removing high-level items



- Fixed: Beta tester's hero fighter stats set to normal
- Reduced 'Dismiss Fighter' 'Enchant Item' 'For Sale' chat spam
- Squad locations (and guards) saved when server resets
- Treasure Maps aren't destroyed until treasure is found
- Use Treasure Maps at any time to see the original clue
- Unlocking 'Full Account' does not require a purchase
- Officers, Leaders, and Deities drop more treasure
- New Loot: Repair Kits to fix up your busted items!
- Two-handed weapons get double Relic Bonus



- Fixed: Login using email address
- Fixed: Idle animation jitters



- Fixed: Buttons missing from Item Panel
- Fixed: Unbind item incorrectly reports 'Item Not Found'
- Fixed: Guild Hall path blocking requires a connected Corridor
- Fixed: Defeated enemy squads won't return to Guild Hall checkpoints
- Fixed: Broken weapon particle effects



- Most kickstarter rewards delivered (Thanks for your support!)
- Fixed: Broken particle effects on weapons
- Fixed: Mail armor human character broken animations
- Fixed: Network ping display correct (Settings -> Test & Debug)
- Fixed: Network disconnect when using WASD to make invalid move
- Improved weapon and effects visibility
- Increased XP from battles
- Item unbind costs reduced by 50% or more
- Item repair costs reduced by up to 50%



- Fixed: Memory leak after playing many battles
- Many small UI tweaks, more info, and general improvements
- Guild Hall deployment uses Guild Bank Silvers
- Fighter's name and class icon color based on their rarity
- Fighter Market Search can search all classes
- Fighter stats may be re-rolled within their rarity band
- Fighters can use items 1 level above a dungeon's level
- Fighter XP earned from battles increased



- Fixed: Disconnect from server when following with many squads
- Fixed: Profanity filter can be turned off (Settings -> Gameplay)
- Fixed: High CPU use caused by asset loading issue
- Fixed: Random disappearing text on buttons
- Popup confirmation to enter battle with damaged gear
- Highlight glow around attack targets (green or red for enemy)
- Relic Enhance Dialog: Filters items that already have that bonus
- Auto-Join Battles Toggle (Settings -> Gameplay)
- Squads sit in a boat when on water dungeon tiles
- Squads sit in a horse when on certain road tiles
- Fighters have a Rarity value that hints at base stat strength
* Item Durability:
-- Item Durability is now called 'Condition'
-- Like Durability, Condition is damaged 5 per death
-- Each item has a Max Condition that starts at 100
-- Max Condition can be permanently reduced on death
-- Items cannot be repaired when Max Condition reaches zero
* Guilds:
-- Guild Leaders can build new rooms and modify Guild Halls
-- Members earn +5 Guild Silvers for killing NPC fighters
-- Guild Silvers cannot be removed from the guild
-- Guild Silvers are spent on things like Guild Hall building
-- Members can also donate Silvers to the Guild Bank
* Guild Halls:
-- Build, Move, and Destroy rooms. Also open/close paths.
-- Build the Barracks to add +5 Member Cap (Min: 10, Max: 50)
-- Build the Forge for +0.1 Defense Stat Bonus
-- Build the Library for +0.1 Magic Stat Bonus
-- Build the Gallery for +0.1 Aim Stat Bonus
-- Build the Casino for +0.1 Luck Stat Bonus
-- Build the Arena for +0.1 Attack Stat Bonus
-- Build the Prison for +0.1 Evasion Stat Bonus
-- Build the Shrine for +10 Max Health Bonus
-- Build the Gauntlet for +0.1 Deflect Stat Bonus
-- Build the Reliquary to accomodate more Relics
-- Build the Vault to store captured treasures (Coming Soon)
-- Build Corridors for guarding squads to block paths



- Fixed: Player Name List disappears in chat panel
- Fixed: Characters do not load correctly
- Fixed: Get Silvers website loads on desktop
- Fixed: Music works for all platforms once again
- Adjustment to Xp formula
- Xp reduced for losing a battle
- Xp reduced for using AI-controlled fighters



- Fixed: End Of Battle report panel
- New map types
- Better quality settings on desktop
- Fixed several minor display and performance issues



- Fixed: Dungeon camera movement jitters
- New battle maps, weather effects, dungeon maps
- End-Of-Battle Report Panel
- "Flee Battle" removed -- Now just "Give Up" to die!



- Database reset, except player titles and a beta tester gift
- New dungeon view camera behavior



- Fixed: Melee counter-attack can hit from a distance
- Fixed: Panels may not appear on button press
- Officer, Leader, and Deity NPCs are more difficult
- Floating squad name text in dungeon view
- Improved squad positions in dungeon view
- External download of fighter media (smaller initial package size)
- Improved character lighting in dungeon, battle, and fighter editor
- Additional dungeon master tools, like custom portals and spawn points



- Fixed: Black mesh outlines sometimes behind terrains
- Fixed: Music and Ambient broken on iOS
- Dungeon visibility range increased
- Custom player titles are more difficult to earn
- External download of music and ambient (smaller initial package size)
- Dungeon Master world building tools
- Deity rank NPCs
- Tutorial introduction
- NPC spawn system



- Squads can move from guarded single-exit rooms in non-guild dungeons
- Dungeon exploration fog-of-war
- Cleaned up dungeon exploration animations
- Press 'U' key to hide the UI
- Press F12 to take a screenshot
- Toggle Shadows Off/On from Graphics Settings
- Toggle Screen Effects Off/On from Graphics Settings
- Music and Ambient download from web instead of with client



- Windows Client only
- Fixed: Desert Map locks up on download



- Dungeon and battle art improvements
- New dungeon and battle maps
- Performance and battery use optimizations
- UI flow improvements



- Fixed: "No Visible Path" popup when selecting your current location
- Fixed: Shadows and lighting broken in dungeons
- Removed "Load Weapon" mechanic from ranged weapons (always loaded)
- Slightly reduced damage on ranged weapons
- All one-handed weapons dual wield, except shields
- All melee weapons Combat Dash, except healing weapons
- Warriors Combat Dash for free
- Warrior Dash range reduced to 4 (was 5)
- Archers and Healers can evade backwards and sideways, past ally fighters
- Greatbow: Added Knockback, reduced speed to 11
- Arbalest: Added +Critical Stun bonus
- Dual Wield penalty reduced by 10 for Warriors and Rogues
- Melee-range penalty for ranged attacks reduced by 10 for Archers
- XP level formula adjusted: Your fighters will be reduced in level!
- More XP will be earned from winning battles
- XP potion drop rate tripled
- Fighters can Ascend at Level 20: Lose all XP but gain +0.1 to all stats
- Players get a unique random title every 500 wins starting at 1,500



- Fixed: Mage Blink movement tiles
- Shield Bonus significantly reduced on all defensive weapons
- Instead of a per-turn shot clock, each player has a 6-minute match clock
- Initial placeholders for new dungeon visual and movement system
- NPC Leaders and Officers move with packs of minions
- New animations for ladies, giants, vampires, and golems
- Mouse-over battle turn order list to focus on a fighter



- Fixed: Battles cannot be entered under certain conditions
- Improved battle movement tile system
- Blink and Shadow Step improved, but limited to 3 times per battle
- Damage increased for all weapons that aren't class restricted
- Two-handed melee weapon damage reduced slightly
- 'Guard Bonus' renamed to 'Shield Bonus'
- Shield Bonus reduced slightly on shields
- Shield Bonus always gives passive bonus when facing attacker
- Squads no longer kicked from dungeon after defeat (except Guild Halls)



- Added "Select Existing Squad" button to Build Squad panel
- Squads always exit the dungeon when they lose a fight
- "Move Relic" toggle button on Relics instead of arrow buttons
- Plot dungeon movement by selecting target node
- Equipment may be changed while in a dungeon
- Shadow Step combat ability for rogues
- Blink combat ability for mages
- Removed movement buttons in Dungeons and Battles
- Added movement tile system to battles in place of buttons



- Fixed: Inactive Disconnect while not inactive
- Fixed: Dungeon checkpoints are saved correctly
- Fixed: Broken dungeon checkpoint panel when 2+ checkpoints exist



- Fixed: Exit squad from dungeon can break squad display
- Fixed: City map download breaks at 10%
- Fixed: Guild Hall deployment saves between server resets
- Fixed: Dungeon layouts save between server resets
- Fixed: Dungeon exploration progress is saved
- Item repair costs reduced
- Item scrap values trippled
- Dungeon Checkpoint system for improved quick travel
- Gear level is tested for dungeon limits instead of fighter level
- Treasure Maps now give a specific location name
- Salve has been renamed to "Flask" with magic variations
- Combat Dash added to Flasks



- Fixed: "Unit is protected" bug when attacking Leaders
- Fixed: Some items displayed incorrectly to some players
- Fixed: Equipment items displayed no class restrictions
- Fixed: Guilds can now capture relics in their reliquary
- NPC Leaders & Officers will attack players!
- Starting fighter positions improved
- Battle map blocking layouts not as sparse
- Losing battles won't kick squads out of the dungeon
- Fighters get a free Turn Left or Turn Right action in battle



- Fixed: Guild leaders can now deploy guild halls
- Fixed: UI errors from Treasure Maps
- Fixed: Treasure Maps now work
- NPCs: Leaders now always drop treasure chests
- Battles: Fighters spawn more spread out, with leader in front
- Battles: Less cluttered and fewer blocked tiles
- Battles: Performance improved and download size reduced
- Settings: Toggle for "Battery Saver Mode"
- Settings: Improved Window Mode and Resolution Picker options



- Fixed: Android, Mac, and Linux won't crash on battle load
- Fixed: Guild Halls should be deployable
- Improved squad movement around the dungeon maps



- Fixed: Music changes when changing fighter's pedestal
- Fixed: iOS devices have broken environment shadows
- GRAZE attack threshold reduced to 10% instead of 20%
- Shortbow speed reduced, DPS increased, Rogues & Archers only
- Guilds can toggle Recruitment on or off for open membership
- Commander guild rank added -- Has all the powers of Leader
- Hired fighters are always level 1
- You can now deploy squads to dungeons
- Dungeon Map exploration system
- Player and Fighter custom portraits
- Treasure Hunts & Treasure Maps
- Guild Halls (work-in-progress)