Item Condition & Repair

Repair Kits restore the condition ("durability") of damaged items to make them usable again. Kits can be found as loot and purchased from other players on the Market.


When a fighter is defeated in combat, a few things happen:

  • All equipped items lose 5 Condition from their Current Condition ("durability")
  • All equipped items lose 1 MAX Condition

Current Condition ("durability")

  • Current Condition is the first number displayed in the Item Condition category  (e.g. the "50" in 50/80)
  • When an item reaches 0/MAX, it will not provide Stat Bonuses in combat, and must be Repaired.
  • Items can be repaired with Silvers (Item -> Gear Icon -> Repair Item-Silvers)
  • Items can be repaired with (common to legendary) Patch Kits (Item -> Gear Icon -> Repair Item-Use Repair Kit)
  • Repair Kits can repair items OVER their MAX Condition, and up to 250 Current Condition (e.g. 250/80)

Max Condition

  • MAX Condition is the second number displayed in the Item Condition category (e.g. the "80" in 50/80)
  • MAX Condition determines the MAXIMUM Current Condition an item can be repaired to by Silvers, and ultimately determines the item's lifespan within the game.
  • Once an item reaches 0 MAX Condition (e.g. 0/0), it can no longer be repaired with Silvers or Repair Kits
  • However, MAX Condition can be repaired +1 with Ultimate Repair Kits (e.g. 0/1)
  • Once patched, an item is brought to 1/1 Condition. The item can then be repaired higher with "durability" Repair Kits (e.g. 100/1)!

All Repair Kits can only be used on items =< their displayed Levels. For example: a level 15 Repair Kit can only be used to repair an item Level 15 or below. A Level 15 Repair Kit cannot repair a level 20 item.

Ultimate Condition Repair Kits are extremely rare and valuable items, as they can be used to bring destroyed item back to life! Combined with an investment in "durability" Repair Kits, you can potentially keep a low-condition item usable for a long time!