New Player Guide

You are a powerful hero with an army of fighters exploring the world of Dire!

Heroes of Dire is an online strategy game of turn-based combat between squads of fighters.

This guide will teach you:
- How to use fighters and squads
- How to control fighters in battle
- How to explore the world map

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Heroes of Dire is fundamentally about controlling squads of fighters.

Players can eventually manage up to 120 fighters of many different classes, races, and levels.

You can acquire new fighters in many ways, with the most rare hidden throughout the game!

- Use the Hire Fighter button in 'My Fighters'
- Hire them from other players on The Market
- Search the world to discover rare fighters
- Attend special Dungeon Master events

It costs 1,000 Silvers to hire a new Level 1 fighter with the Hire Fighter button in 'My Fighters'. These fighters are always Apprentice rarity.

Silvers are the currency of Dire. They are used to repair damaged equipment, hire fighters, and buy from other players. You can earn Silvers from quests, treasure chests, and scrapping or selling items.

A fighter's name and base stats are randomly rolled when created, however you can re-roll these from the fighter's Gear Menu.

There is a small chance that new fighter hires can be non-human! These are extraordinarily valuable if you are lucky enough to get one!

New players begin with 1 squad deployed in the low-level training area.

You will eventually control up to 5 squads with each squad containing 3 fighters.

Your first squad looks like a chess piece on the world map and is highlighted green.

Select a nearby map tile to move there:

Squads are formed from any three of your available fighters, and are deployed to quick travel destination you've discovered on the world map.

To create a new squad, you must have three fighters not already deployed!

hodbanner-world map.png

Don't be afraid of breaking anything or making someone upset in the training grounds. It was designed for you to learn how to play.

Each tile on the world map represents a battlefield with unique randomly-generated strategic layouts.

To start a new battle: First move your squad to the same tile as a red enemy squad, select that enemy, and select ATTACK from the menu!


To group with other players simply initiate combat while they are in the same tile as you -- all nearby squads will be pulled into battle!

(You cannot join in battles already in progress)

There can be 4 teams in a battle, and teams may bring 4 squads each. Since each squad has 3 fighters combat could include up to 48 fighters!

Battles must always be a fair fight! Other squads won't be included if there is only 1 enemy in a tile. It must always be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3v3, etc.

You can attack enemy players (and they can attack you) in Player vs Player (PvP) maps Level 6 and above.

To Play With Friends

1) Select their squad (or find them in Chat) and open their Player Panel.

2) You must both select FRIEND on the Player Panel

3) Find a tile with 2 enemies and ATTACK with both of your squads there!

It's more efficient to play with friends and guild mates!

- Multi-player battles earn bonus Fighter Xp and loot
- Friends share solo quests. Both players get credit!
- Friends share fog-of-war world map visibility
- Strength in numbers... It's dangerous out there!

Your first quest is to defeat 3 enemy minion squads in the training area!

1: Select MENU

2: Select MY QUESTS

3: Select 'The Conquest of Dire' Solo Quest

This will show a Quest Panel that contains quest details for what is required, the story, and reward.

'The Conquest of Dire' is a solo quest for you to complete on your own. You will eventually take part in Guild Quests and Community Quests with friends to earn more rewards!

This quest is asking you to defeat 3 enemy minions from <The Lyraen Army> faction, who are the red enemies wandering around the training grounds.

Minions, Officers, Leaders, and Deity are the four primary types of NPC. Each NPC faction in Heroes of Dire has thousands of squads for you to challenge, ranging in difficulty and level.

Leaders and Deity are very hard but drop the best loot. You won't see any for a while, however there are Officers in the training grounds you could try for an extra reward!

You will be mailed your first quest reward once you've won three battles against <The Lyraen Army>.

Use the MAIL button in the top right corner to access your mailbox. You will also find HELP, CHAT, and SETTINGS here.

Player Guilds earn Guild Bank Silvers any time members win a battle. These Silvers are used for upgrading Guild Halls, which give a bonus to all fighters in the guild. 

Join a guild as soon as possible! They will answer questions, help with quests, and provide protection.

This section will review what you learned during the tutorial battle plus some new details.

You may bring up to 12 fighters to combat on a 10 x 10 grid battlefield in turn-based combat against enemy fighters.

Each move or attack changes your fighter's position on the TURN LIST visible in the top-left corner during combat.

Joan the Archer is the top fighter in this example. That means it is her turn.

Time will be added by her name when she moves or attacks, and she will not get to act again until her name returns to the top of the list.

Healer Selena will be the next fighter to take a turn, followed by The Brave Protector, Volatile Cultist, etc.


Fighters you control are circled in green. Any fighters controlled by your friends will be blue, and enemies will be red.

In the picture above you control Joan the Archer and it is her turn.

The big green squares on the ground show where she can move. Select a movement square to move the fighter there.

The red bar over each fighter's head is a HEALTH BAR:

Fighters are killed (removed from combat) when their HEALTH BAR is empty!

ACTION BUTTONS are visible in the bottom right corner during combat:

Use the REST BUTTON to pass your turn without moving or attacking.

Use TURN LEFT and TURN RIGHT to rotate your fighter's facing direction.

The direction your fighter faces is important: When you press a WEAPON BUTTON your fighter will attack the nearest enemy in front of them!

WEAPON BUTTONS show the active fighter's equipped weapons:


The buttons tell you how much healing or damage a weapon does, and how much time it will add to the TURN LIST when used.

You can see which friend or enemy is targeted, and with what weapon, by the icons floating above a target's head:

In the example above you control The Brave Protector and it is her turn. She has two weapons equipped: Crossbow of Fire and Battered Clawfist.

The Cultist Doomsayer is glowing red because he is your current target. The RED ATTACK ICONS above the Cultist Doomsayer's head indicate what weapons can be used against him.

Press a WEAPON BUTTON to attack your target with that weapon.

Note the Crossbow of Fire button says -25 Point Blank Penalty because it is a ranged weapon and the Cultist Doomsayer is one tile away.

Ranged weapons are less effective in close combat. This does not apply to magical weapons like wands and staffs.

You can LONG-PRESS or RIGHT-CLICK a weapon button if you don't want to dual-wield attack.


The Brave Protector just killed that poor cultist! All the cultist wanted was to expand the ghastly embrace of his undying elder god's infinite nightmare of insanity throughout the universe. What gives?

Notice the text in the bottom left: You can see how all of your fighter's stats are calculated into the damage formula.

This information will be useful later, but as a new player you shouldn't worry about it.

The battle is won! You will automatically exit combat and get a BATTLE REPORT:

The BATTLE REPORT tells what quests were advanced, new items earned, how much XP fighters received, how close they are to leveling up, and other interesting information.

Click on a fighter's button to see their stats, items, and to change their equipment.

Click on an item button to see its stats or to use it.

After closing a battle report you will return to the world map.

This concludes the NEW PLAYER GUIDE.

We are a very small team who depends entirely on player feedback and support to survive!

If you enjoy the game please consider leaving a review and telling a friend.

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