Fighter Stats


Level 20 fighters can choose to be reborn, losing all XP and returning to Level 1!

In exchange for this sacrifice, Ascended fighters gain +0.5 to all non-resist stats, +0.1 to Luck, and +10 to Max Health. They also gain a rank of Fighter Rarity, increasing the maximum range of their base stats and improving elemental resists.

Fighters that are "Bound To Account" will no longer be bound after ascending.

Hardcore Fighters

When hiring a fighter, you have the option to select Hardcore Mode!

These fighters lose 10% XP and one random item on match loss (looted by the victor), but receive a +5.0 Luck and a +2.5 Primary Class Stat bonus. Match victory will prevent the XP and item loss (even if the fighter was killed).

Note: Hardcore fighter gear can be stolen only if the enemy team also has at least one hardcore fighter.

Max Health

Max Health demonstrates the endurance of your fighter in battle.

When your character's Health is reduced to 0 from an enemy's attack, it is removed from the current battle. Fighters in Heroes of Dire cannot be killed permanently.

A fighter's Max Health is determined randomly upon hiring, but within a range determined by its Rarity, Class, and Race. All stats can be re-rolled for a small training fee. 

Max Health can be improved by equipment upgrades, Relic enchantments, and by increasing the fighter's rarity through the Ascension system after reaching level 20.

As with all fighter stats in Heroes of Dire, Max Health does not increase as your fighter earns new levels.


Attack is the primary offensive stat used when calculating Combat Rolls for non-magical Melee Weapons (e.g. Rapiers, Mauls). When making a Melee Attack, an attacking fighter's Attack stat is directly compared to the defending fighter's Defense stat.


Defense is the primary defensive fighter stat used when calculating Combat Rolls for Melee Weapons that use the Attack stat (e.g. Swords, Mauls, Maces). Defense is the primary stat on Armor, with heavier armor types providing more Defense. Shields and some weapons also have minor defense stat bonuses.


Aim is the primary offensive stat used when calculating Combat Rolls for non-magical Ranged Weapons (e.g. Bows, Throwing Axes). When making a Ranged Attack, an attacking fighter's Aim stat is directly compared to the defending fighter's Deflect stat.


Deflect is the defensive fighter stat used when calculating Combat Rolls against non-magical Ranged Weapons (e.g. Crossbows, Slings) that use the Aim stat. Deflect is the primary stat found on Shields.  Heavier Armors and some weapons also have minor Deflect stat bonuses.


Evasion is a defensive stat that represents a fighter's ability to evade additional damage in combat. Evasion is used in all Combat Rolls where an attack is made with non-magical (i.e. physical) Melee or Ranged Weapon. Therefore, Evasion is potentially the most-useful and well-rounded defensive stat.


Magic is both an offensive and defensive stat used when calculating Combat Rolls for Magical Weapons that use the Magic stat (e.g. Wands, Talismans, Fetishes). Having more Magic allows you to deal more magic damage in combat, and it protects your fighters from Magic attacks. When making a Magical Attack, an attacking fighter's Magic stat is directly compared to the defending fighter's Magic stat.


Luck is the most-powerful stat in Heroes of Dire. It is used in every Combat Roll. When a Combat Roll is made, the attacking fighter's Luck is compared to the defending fighter's Luck. The difference is then applied to the Combat Roll. For example, if an attacker has -1 Luck and the defender has 10 Luck, the attacker will receive a -11 penalty to his Roll.

Elemental Resists

  • Lightning Resist
  • Fire Resist
  • Frost Resist
  • Poison Resist
  • Disease Resist
  • Holy Resist

Elemental Resists are defensive stats that represent a fighter's ability to withstand elemental damage in combat. Elemental Resists are used in Combat Rolls where an attack is made with an Enchanted Weapon (e.g. a Fiery Greatsword or Voltic Wand). These resist checks are made in addition to Combat Roll modifiers that would occur if the weapon had no enchantment. For example, a Combat Roll made with a Fiery Greatsword includes the attacking fighter's Attack stat and the defending fighter's Defense, Evasion, and Fire Resist stats. If a defending fighter has a negative elemental resist stat, it confers a bonus to the attacking fighter's roll. So, when fighting Frost Giants, be sure to bring along your Fiery Greatsword!

The various races in Heroes of Dire have a wide variety of Elemental Resist bonuses and penalties. As a fighter earns levels, his elemental resist stats improve slightly.

Fighter Race Mods

Race Bonus Vulnerability
CULTIST Poison (minor)  
DARK ELF Aim, Evasion, Magic Disease (major)
DEMON Attack, Fire Resist (major) Holy (minor)
GIANT (FIRE) Max Health, Fire Resist (minor) Frost (major)
GIANT (FROST) Max Health, Frost Resist (minor) Fire (major)
GIANT (HILL) Max Health, Deflect, Evasion  
GIANT (STONE) Max Health, Disease Resist (major) Lightning (major)
GIANT (STORM) Max Health, Lightning Resist (major) Poison (major)
GOLEM (EARTH) Defense, Disease Resist (minor) Lightning (minor)
GOLEM (FIRE) Defense, Fire Resist (minor) Frost (minor)
GOLEM (FROST) Defense, Frost Resist (minor) Fire (minor)
GOLEM (STORM) Defense, Lightning Resist (minor) Disease (minor)
GOLEM (VENOM) Defense, Poison Resist (minor) Holy (minor)
GOLEM (MARBLE) Defense, Holy Resist (minor) Lightning (minor)
GOLEM (FLESH) Defense, Disease Resist (minor) Poison (minor)
HUPPO Attack, Magic Poison (major)
LICH Magic, Holy Resist (major)  
SKELETON Aim, Deflect, Poison Resist (major)  
SUCCUBUS Evasion, Luck, Fire Resist (minor) Holy (minor)
VAMPIRE Attack, Luck, Max Health Holy (major)
ZOMBIE Defense, Disease Resist (major), Poison Resist (minor)

Stat Change For Race Mods

By Fighter Rarity

Type Initiate (R1) Apprentice (R2) Veteran (R3) Champion (R4) Master (R5) Exalted (R6)
Luck Race Mod +0.1 +0.2 +0.3 +0.4 +0.5 +0.6
Max Health Race Mod +1.5% +3.0% +4.5% +6.0% +7.5% +9.0%
Minor Resist Race Mod +1.0 +2.0 +3.0 +4.0 +5.0 +6.0
Major Resist Race Mod +2.0 +4.0 +6.0 +8.0 +10.0 +12.0
Minor Vulnerable Mod -7.0 -6.0 -5.0 -4.0 -3.0 -2.0
Major Vulnerable Mod -13.0 -12.0 -11.0 -10.0 -9.0 -8.0
Other Race Stat Mods +0.5 +1.0 +1.5 +2.0 +2.5 +3.0