Fighter Class

There are seven basic classes: Heroes, Archers, Healers, Mages, Paladins, Rogues, and Warriors. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, usable equipment, and unique abilities. Determining which fighters make up your squads is entirely up to you! Part of the fun in Heroes of Dire is creating your own strategies and gearing-up your fighters with the best gear to efficiently execute those plans. Do you want to create an all-ranged attack team with archers and mages, or do you want force your opponents to deal with your "tank team" of paladins and healers?



The Hero is you! Heroes are a versatile class capable of using all types of weapons and armors. The hero has very-high overall stats, making it useful in any role. However, the versatility of the hero comes at a cost, as it has no special in-battle abilities.

Armor: All

Attributes: Can use any item, powerful base stats

Preferred Stats: All / Variable

Weapons: All


The Archer is a ranged unit capable of picking off enemies from a distance. Archers can use most ranged weapons, including many bows and crossbow variations. Archers can Volley their shots over obstacles and friendly units to attack enemy fighters, but these powerful attacks incur a -35 aim penalty. Archers fair slightly better than other classes in close-quarters combat, and only suffer a -15 aim penalty for point-blank shots. Archers have enhanced mobility that allows them to move through friendly units, and they can sidestrafe two tiles to the sides or backwards without needing to take an additional "turn" action.

Armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail

Attributes:  Volley over obstacles and allies, reduced point-blank attack penalty, evasive movement through allies

Class Equipment: Arbalest, Greatbow

Preferred Stat: Aim, Evasion


The Healer's role is focused on healing injured fighters. Healers use magical Holy weapons, including wands, staves, flasks, and talismans. These weapons have limited combat effectiveness, but can squeeze out a little damage in a pinch. A healer will always prioritize a hurt ally before himself, so if your healer is wounded, he needs to turn away from the wounded squad member first. Due to their light armor, healers have improved mobility, and can walk through friendly fighters.

Armor: Cloth

Attributes: Evasive movement through allies

Class Equipment: Flasks, Holy Wands, Spellbooks, Staves, Talismans

Penalties: Lower Health

Preferred Stats: Magic, Attack


Mages are magic users who channel elemental energies through their wands, staves, talismans, and spellbooks to wreak havoc on the battlefield. They can undertake a support role by equipping weapons that buff their allies with effects such as haste. Mages have the Blink ability, allowing them teleport laterally across the battlefield to escape danger or position themselves for devastating surprise attacks. Blink can be used three times per battle.

Armor: Cloth

Attributes: Blink teleportation

Class Equipment: Elemental Wands, Staves, Talismans, Spellbooks, and Flasks

Penalties: Lower Health

Preferred Stats: Magic, Attack


Paladins are the toughest fighter class in Heroes of Dire. Not only do they have the most health, they can use the heaviest armors, best shields, and equip the strongest two-handed weapons. A Paladin's plate armor prevents them from being shoved by enemies and they can't be knocked backwards by critical attacks. Their strength allows them to push and shove other fighters without additional action costs. That said, their armor is heavy, and they move more slowly on the battlefield.

Armor: Mail, Plate

Attributes: Immune to knockback and pushing (Plate Armor), push ally or enemy for free

Class Equipment: Greatsword, Maul, Plate Armor, Wall Shield

Preferred Stats: Health, Attack, Defense, Deflect


Rogues are experts at dual-wielding small weapons and engaging in close-quarters combat against unsuspecting foes. They also perform well with small throwing weapons such as darts, throwing daggers, and throwing axes. Rogues receive significant attack bonuses when flanking enemies from their sides or from behind. The Shadow Step ability allows Rogues to instantly traverse through the dark corners of the battlefield, and reposition themselves in optimal flanking positions. Shadow Step can be used three times per battle.

Armor: Cloth, Leather

Attributes: Evasive movement through allies, Shadow Step, backstab flanking bonus, reduced dual-wield penalty

Class Equipment: Dagger, Dart, Ichor Flask, Venom Flask, Spear

Preferred Stats: Aim, Attack, Evasion


Warriors are versatile fighters. They have more equipment options than any other class (except The Hero). Warriors are especially mobile, and can close the distance between targets very quickly. A Warrior equipping a katana or dual-wielding morningstars is an offensive force to be reckoned with. Warriors can Taunt enemy fighters, forcing them to face a different direction.

Armor: Leather, Mail

Attributes: +1 Charge/Dash distance, less movement time for charging attacks, Taunt, reduced dual-wield penalty

Class Equipment: None

Preferred Stats: Aim, Attack